Residential water filter replacement: Sediment (1st filter)

Residential water filter replacement: Sediment (1st filter)

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For our residential system. One Sediment Filter 20 - 1 Micron included.

This filter is the 1st one in the line (from mains) and is the sediment filter. If you require help ordering, please get in touch.

For: RTS-1020 system. Part no BFP101.

Removes sediments down to 1 micron with 'Long-life' multi-layer 20um,10um, 5um and 1 micron. The sign that this is needing replacement is when the water pressure drops in the house. 

As supplied with all residential systems. We recommend replacing this annually.


If you are in doubt, please get in touch.

How do you know this filter needs changing? Your water pressure will drop. See more information on our learn page.